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PlasticShore is a non for profit organization that strives to reduce plastic pollution through community engagement and education.

Our Plastics For Change program recycles plastic debris collected from the environment into eco-certified product lines. We are working create a continual source of funding to reduce plastic pollution by rewarding corporate social responsibility through a Social Plastic eco-certification. Companies may use the recycled plastic debris in their product line if they agree to sponsor the development of re-purposing centers for plastic waste in developing countries through The Plastic Bank.

The Plastic Bank is empowering people around the world to harvest waste plastic as a currency they can exchange for the items needed to transition out of poverty and into a self-sustaining life of entrepreneurship.

Our goal is to support the movement towards worldwide demand for the use of Social Plastic in everyday products. The higher the worldwide demand becomes, the higher the reward will be for harvesting Social Plastic. 

Join the Social Plastic movement to start changing the world through your purchasing power.

With your help we can transform plastic pollution into a resource that can make a tremendous positive change in the world. 

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Our mission is to reduce plastic pollution in the marine environment while providing an ethical product that maximizes environmental benefit.


Our vision is to create a continual system for the elimination of plastic pollution in our rivers, lakes and oceans.


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At the PlasticShore Project we know that progress towards plastic free shorelines and oceans requires consumer trust and confidence.



Holding out some of the many forms of plastic found on a beach

We provide transparent information and will not promote green washing.



Gathering pollution off the beach

The PlasticShore Project is dedicated to the principles of sustainability.